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It's time to feel your best! Dr. Aaron Russak and ICS can help you discover the root issues holding you back and treat them effectively and affordably. We always recommend a complimentary consultation. Call  or email us today! 423.757.9511

ICS utilizes a true whole body approach. With two decades of experience we understand how the structural, chemical and emotional factors affect your well-being. Our Innovation, Functional Health/Medicine began in the mid 90's.  

Each component — emotional, structural and chemical — is like a different number in a combination lock.

Without all three you cannot unlock optimal health. Let us help you open the door to feeling your best.  Our fundamental philosophy is to provide a "road map" to getting you well and keeping you from needing care on an ongoing basis. We frown heavily on the belief that the body is always in need of some type of  Chiropractic adjustment, therapy or drug simply to maintain a pain free lifestyle.  If our waiting room was filled with the same people, needing the same care repeatedly, our office would be no different then the droves of clinics always pitching their services like timeshare sales people. We take pride in getting our patients to a point of resiliency where they are able to cope with the stresses of life without needing constant care. Call or email our office today to get started.