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Your Health Is Our Priority

ICS has been helping people for over 18 years and has been utilizing many of the techniques, tools and treatments currently being touted as NEW since the first day we opened our doors.

A Secret Weapon

Although ICS is proud to offer the best of the best in "innovative" equipment, we are 100% RESULTS-oriented. Our SECRET WEAPON is not a piece of equipment but Dr. Aaron Russak, himself... a skilled clinician who spends hours in research and hands-on practice. Dr. Russak is one of a few practioners who truly understands the body and how emotional, structural and chemical factors influence wellness. His clinical approach is focused on not treating the issue but finding the "why" in your health concerns. His common assertion around the clinic is that a person should not require constant help from any health professional and that if they do not have the knowledge base to figure out the root cause than all they do is focus on is how to band aid the issue.  This places more burden on the consumer and the health insurance companies which eventually will bankrupt the system.

Chiropractic has been around since 1895

Chiropractic technique has helped millions feel better. Roughly twenty techniques have been developed and perfected along the way. Dr. Russak is well versed in more than ten of those separate chiropractic techniques. If you have a favorite hands-on technique or perhaps one which employs an adjusting instrument odds are he's familiar with it and can use it as part of your care.