enough is enough

August 12, 2012

ENOUGH! ICS is speaking out against an industry trend in which chiropractors offer products or services that are outside the scope of practice, of little benefit to the patient, and perpetuate the old stereotype of chiropractic as quackery. These products [miracle weight loss diets, injections, etc] bring people into their offices with the promise of a quick fix only to sell them — regardless of need — an extended and often expensive treatment package.

Not only do we feel this tactic borders on dishonesty but we cringe at the thought that some in our profession would be so uncaring as to view their patients as nothing more than a reoccurring revenue stream. [ugh!]

ICS promises to never offer products/services that do not fit our philosophy of care or address the health of our patients be they emotional, nutritional [not to be confused with “diet”] or structural. Sure we could chase the dollar, but we believe our success truly lies in placing the health of our patients above the financial.

In the future, we will be using our Facebook page as a sounding board against these practices. Please feel free to share these posts with your friends.

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