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Why A "No Charge" Office Visit?

The ICS MISSION is to deliver the best all-around product while keeping the financial burden as low as possible. If during your visit, you do not need care, then you will not be charged. You heard us. ICS is the only healthcare provider WE know where if an existing patient is "on track" and doing well, [aka, no care is necessary] there will be no charge for that visit.

We DO NOT support any office that places everyone in the same "box" and sets them up on an "assembly line" type of approach. The history of this goes back many decades and unfortunately has been one of the causes of Chiropractic having the reputation of "quackery". Greed and overhead has pushed physicians to a place where relatively little is done to find the mechanism of an issue. People have become simply a revenue stream not a real person trying to solve a health concern. Many offices today are masquerading as "wellness" and "nutrition" experts. This feeble attempt by most has come about due to managed care not re-imbursing what they once did. Now, many clinics are scrambling to re-invent their businesses to make up for the lost revenue. Now, everyone is an expert at wellness and a "leader' in their field. Unfortunately most have a weekend seminar under their belt or an online certification that offers nothing other than a piece of paper.

Why A "No Charge" Visit?

Dr. Russak is a firm believer in being pro-active and not waiting until something hurts. Using his own very unique analysis he is able to determine if his patients are staying in balance. It may be before a big race or a list of chores to do around the house but he feels it is always a good idea to get checked before you “blow” a fuse and hurt something that could require a more invasive procedure to correct.

The No Charge visit is something ICS has done since we opened. No gimmicks, no Free bait and switch coupon deals that turn into what seems like a time share sales pitch.

.How Does It Work?

  • You begin with a thorough exam utliizing kinesiological tests, orhopedics tests and more
  • Once you complete the exam, any necessary xrays or labwork, you will have a sit down with the doctor.
  • Dr. Russak will explain your particular issues found within his objective analysis. This is the Report of Findings
  • You will begin to see him based on his recommendations
  • You may see him a few times per week for a couple of weeks. At this point if you have followed his recommendations the things you discussed in the .Report of Findings should be improving.
  • When you come in he will be assessing the weaknesses he found during your original visit. If they are non-existant he will tell you "all good" and you will be done for the day. Basically, you may come in 3x that week but may only need an adjustment one time.  Maybe the chronic pain had something to do with an issue the doctor found in your blood work(if he recommended it originally). Perhaps after the second week you have implemented  the changes recommended and by the end of that week you are no longer showing the same weaknesses, hence you may leave the office with no charge. There are many days we have as many as 10 people leave the office with no charges.

Have you ever heard of ANY doctor, anywhere, following up with a patient and not charging them...?  Sounds to good to be true? It's nothing new or trendy, it's just the way  we  believe True Health Care should be!